quarta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2010

eu preciso dividir isso...

de todas as loucuras q eu vi no Gap, essa aqui foi a pior...
um single father me add e olha só o email dele...

Dear Natalia Gabriela,
I recently posted an au pair position at greataupair.com, and already the inquiries are pouring in! As there are so many, I am sending out a group email to see who’s serious. I am 40, divorced, a single father to triplets. My children are 2 years, 5 months old; two boys and a girl. They are 100% healthy, happy children. They have no special needs, physical disabilities, dietary restrictions, etc. No pets. Scheduling: I work a Monday to Friday job, usual hours. My ex-wife picks up the children Wednesday morning, then I go to work. Friday evening, after work, I pick them up. They are with me four days and five nights every week. I am looking for an au pair who can help me with the children on weekends, and also care for the children Monday and Tuesday, while I am at work. If you're with me at night, great, although not essential. As I understand it, an au pair must also go to school while here. Since I am home with the children Monday, Tuesday, and Friday nights, and my ex-wife has the chilren Wednesday and Thursday night, you're free to take night classes during the weekdays. Also, you're completely free Wednesday through Friday. Really, it's four days (Saturday to Tuesday). You are generally free to go out Friday and Saturday night, so long as it does not interefere with your au pair obligations. Every so often, I travel for work, and I'll need you here. This is not frequent. Housing: I live in a great home, only two years old. It is a modern house in new neighborhood, and upscale. It's a quiet bedroom community. You will have your own room, and the bathroom across the hall. You'll be sharing the bathroom with the children during the day; at night, it's all yours. Using an au pair service: I work for the U.S. Government, and I have a security clearance. If you are coming from overseas, you MUST use an au pair service. This is not negotiable. Our laws require this, and going around this will cost me my security clearance and job. If you tell me you can get around this, don't need this, your friends didn't use a service, etc, there is a 99% probability you're a fraud. You're probably the same annoying person who keeps sending me emails telling me I've won the lottery in Nigeria. You're wasting my time. If you come work for me, and you're a foreign national, it's highly probable you'll need to go to the U.S. embassy and be interviewed. Security clearances can be touchy things, especially if I bring a foreign national to live with me. Will you have a problem with this? If you're American, looking for a domestic au pair job, I'm all ears! Cook, clean, potty: They'll be trained by the time you get here. They're also getting ready to talk up a storm. You’ll need to cook for the children, but it's simple, basic stuff. Also, you'll be expected to clean up after the children, their dishes and clothes, but not to clean the house. Expectations: you'll be coming to care for the children, not me or the house. Monday and Tuesday, while I'm at work, you should be playing with the children. TV? No. The TV is not my au pair. If you're thinking you'll be watching TV all day while the children run around, look somehwere else. The children need to interact, learn, grow, socialize. They need someone who is motivated, and has a highly positive attitude with young children at all times. Is this you? I have Tivo; you can watch your favorite shows on your own time. Lifestyle: My children are my everything, and I will NOT expose them to anything detrimental. Do you have tattoos, piercings (other than ears), dyed, spiky hair, eating disorders, personality problems, psychological issues? Tell me now. I suppose I can live with some things (we'll see), but if you hide it from me, I'll know you're hiding other things. It will NOT come around my children. And while we're at it: do you drink, smoke, use drugs? I can live with social drinking, BUT NOT ALCOHOLISM. Drugs will, literally, get you sent to jail. Enough said. Internet: how much time do you spend on the internet and phone? Your room will have internet hookup, and of course everyone uses the internet. Will you be online hours on end? Is it an escape from the obligations of being an au pair?
OK! That's enough for now! It will certainly be interesting to see who's serious, and responds to this! If you're serious, my next email will ask for more detail about yourself.

quem não conseguir entender joga no google, mas vcs precisam ler...

louco o cara!!!! hahahahaha

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  1. Conclusão: o cara quer um robô, não uma Au Pair, né? Tri louco esse aí! Pelamordedeosssss!!! uahauahauahauh tinha que ser no GAP mesmo! Ai, ai rs... tá explicado pq nem a esposa conseguiu ficar com ele kkkkkkkkkkkk eu hein, tô bem fora!!!
    O bom é que essa paranóia dele vai servir pra alguma coisa, pq criatura nenhuma vai aguentar ser Au Pair na casa dele, e aí ele vai procurar por uma forevermente! hahahaha

    Só Jesus!!!! rs

  2. ahah quando eu li eu fiz a mesma cara que o menino dai de cima kakakakak
    resumindo: CARA CHATO, TRAUMATIZADO kakakaka

  3. Dei uma passada aqui não conhecia seu blog, quando me deparei com esse texto...
    AushaUSHAushaHSUAhsaHSUAH crazy, esse cara, Jesus!!

    Vou te seguir e como anda seu processo?

  4. Oi,

    Concordo com á Dani... esse cara é chato.

    Bjos fica com